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Crushing equipment series

  • 30B series universal high-efficiency pulverizer (group)

    Sketch:Features and usesThis machine (group) is suitable for the crushing of brittle materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, pesticide and other industries. It is a new generation of crushing equipment that integrates crushing and dust collection, a…

  • WFJ series micro grinder

    Sketch:OverviewThis machine is composed of three parts: main machine, auxiliary machine and electric control box. It has various properties such as winnowing type, no screen, uniform particle size, etc. The production process is continuous, and it is suitabl…

  • CSJ type coarse crusher

    Sketch:Product UsageThis machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, food, construction and other industries. For processing hard and difficult materials, including crushing plastics, copper wires, Chinese herbal medicines, rubber, etc.,…


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