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Heat source equipment series

  • JRF series coal-fired hot blast stove

    Sketch:working principleThe furnace integrates combustion and heat exchange, a new type of indirect heating technology that exchanges heat at high temperature parts of the furnace body. Smoke and air go in different ways. The heating is environmentally frien…

  • RLY series fuel oil hot blast stove

    Sketch:working principleThe fuel is burned through the burner to produce high-temperature gas. And with the help of a hot blast stove with enhanced heat exchange measures, the heat of the high-temperature gas is transferred to the heated air. After the heat …

  • SRQ series radiator

    Sketch:product descriptionThe spiral fin air heat exchanger produced by our company, also known as radiator and radiator pipe, is the main equipment in the heat exchange device that cools or heats air with cold and heat medium.Adapt to materialsThe radiator …


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