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Other equipment series

  • Alcohol recovery tower

    Sketch:Equipment structural characteristics and technical performanceThis device uses highly efficient ceramic corrugated packing. The distillation tower body is made of stainless steel, which prevents iron filings from clogging the packing and prolongs the …

  • CG series forming machine

    Sketch:product description◎Slot forming machine: Consists of a feeding hopper and two rollers with grooves. The purpose of granulation is to increase the surface area of the material. The material is sucked by the rollers running inside and cut into granule…

  • TJG fixed lifting feeder

    Sketch:OverviewTJG series fixed lifting feeder consists of two parts, namely the lifter and the base. The hoist consists of a frame, a hydraulic hoisting system and a material door turning mechanism. When working, first buckle the material door of the hoist …

  • ZSL-Ⅲ series vacuum feeder

    Sketch:FeaturesFast feeding speed.Long continuous working time.No leakage, clean and hygienic, suitable for clean workshops.Compact structure, convenient movement and simple operation.Equipped with quick-release clamps, easy to assemble and clean, and meet t…

  • Stainless steel storage tank, preparation tank

    Sketch:product descriptionThis series of containers is suitable for concentrated/dilute mixing in the pharmaceutical industry. The tank body is equipped with an interlayer, which can be heated and cooled. The inner surface is electrolytic mirror polished. Th…


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