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  • Silicon carbide drying project

Silicon carbide drying project

Overview:Silicon carbide (SiC) is made from quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal coke), and wood chips through high temperature smelting in a resistance furnace.

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Project Overview:
Silicon carbide (SiC) is made from quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal coke), and wood chips through high temperature smelting in a resistance furnace. Silicon carbide also exists in nature, a rare mineral, moissanite. Silicon carbide is also called moissanite. Among modern non-oxide high-tech refractory materials such as C, N, and B, silicon carbide is a more widely used and more economical one. It can be called gold steel grit or refractory grit. At present, my country's industrial production of silicon carbide is divided into black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide, both of which are hexagonal crystals, with a specific gravity of 3.20-3.25 and a microhardness of 2840-3320kg/mm2.

Equipment overview:
The silicon carbide drying production line is a new type of high-efficiency fluidized drying equipment developed by our company to overcome the low efficiency and high consumption of static drying. In the design process, the machine fully combines the characteristics of fluid drying such as airflow drying to maximize its strengths and avoid weaknesses, so that the whole machine has a reasonable process structure and superior performance, and truly achieves the low consumption and high efficiency goals of fluidized drying.

The application range of this machine is extremely wide. It can be used for drying fine powder materials with small specific gravity, such as silicon carbide, black silicon carbide, green carbon silicon, black carbon silicon powder, green silicon carbide powder, foam ceramic silicon carbide, refractory silicon carbide and other fine powder materials. The equipment has high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, simple configuration, and convenient operation and control.

working principle:
The hot air enters the mixing, crushing and drying chamber from the bottom of the dryer from the air inlet at a suitable spray speed, and it has strong shearing, floating, and rotating effects on the material, so the material is centrifuged, sheared, collided, and rubbed to be micronized. Enhanced mass and heat transfer. At the bottom of the dryer, the larger and wetter particle clusters are mechanically broken under the action of the agitator, and the particles with lower moisture content and smaller particle size are entrained by the rotating airflow to rise, and further dry during the ascent process, due to the gas-solid phase For rotating flow, the inertia of the solid phase is greater than that of the gas phase, and the relative speed between the solid and gas phases is relatively large, which strengthens the heat transfer effect between the two phases, so the machine has high drying strength.

Engineering advantages:
  1. Strong professionalism, large processing capacity, fast drying rate, the surface area of the material liquid is greatly increased after atomization, and the drying time is greatly reduced in the vacuum state. 2. The equipment has a simple structure, no wearing parts, and low maintenance costs. 3. Simple and stable operation, convenient control, and intelligent operation can be realized. 4. Use different boiling temperature to realize liquid-liquid separation. 5. The atomizer with special non-standard design is adopted, and the effect of atomization and separation is good. 6. Integrate chemical reaction and drying, complete the reaction and drying at one time, and optimize the performance of the equipment.

Silicon carbide drying project
Silicon carbide drying project
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